onstitutional Development Cin India


The Britishers entered India in 1600 for trading with name East India Company. Initial years Britishers were happy with trade and commerce. After the death of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb in 1707 Britishers have shown interest in political matters of India. Their intention to Rule India was clear after The Battle of Plassey. And the British consolidated in India with the victory ofThe Battle of Buxar.

onstitutional Development Cin India

By the middle of 19th Century most parts of India were in control of East India Company through direct ruling or through system of treaties and alliances with the Princely States. During this period certain measures of constitutional reforms were introduced. Only important points from these Acts are given in subsequent sections.

Regulating Act 1773

First written Act. First Act to control and regulate East India Company affairs. The Act designated Governor of Bengal as Governor-General of Bengal. Created Executive council of four to serve Governor-General

  • The first Governor-General of Bengal was Lord Warren Hastings.
  • The Act made Governors of Madras and Bombay presidencies as subordinate to Governor-General of Bengal.
  • The Act provided for establishment of Supreme Court at Calcutta Fort William with one Chief justice and other three Judges.
  • The first chief justice of Supreme Court was Lord Elisa Impey.

Pitts India Act 1784

Named after then Prime Minister Sir William Pitts. This act was passed to rectify shortcomings of earlier Act. It distinguished political and commercial activities of company

  • Company Directors to manage commercial affairs
  • 6 members Board of control to manage political affairs(New Board)

Act of 1786


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