Banking Awareness: Remarkable Moments In Banking History


Banking Awareness: Remarkable Moments In Banking History

Indian banks have a fascinating history, which you should be proud of.

First bank established in India: Bank of Hindustan in 1770

  1. The first bank to be managed by Indian Board is Oudh Commercial Bank. It is not functional now.
  2. First Commercial Bank is the Central Bank of India (CBI) that was opened up in 1911.
  3. First Insurance Company in India is the Oriental Life Insurance Company, which was established in 1818.
  4. First Indian bank got ISO: Canara Bank.
  5. First Bank to introduce Credit Card in India: Central Bank of India.
  6. First Joint Stock Bank of India: Allahabad Bank.
  7. First Bank that is the oldest Public Bank in India: Allahabad Bank.
  8. First Public Sector Bank to issue capital to the public is Oriental Bank of Commerce.
  9. First bank to introduce savings account in India: Presidency Bank in 1833.
  10. The first bank to introduce a cheque system in India: Bengal Bank in 1833.
  11. The first bank to introduce internet banking: ICICI bank.
  12. The first bank to introduce mutual fund: State Bank of India.
  13. A first national bank that is merged with Punjab National Bank: New Bank of India in 1993.

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  1. First Indian bank to open a branch outside India in London in 1946: Bank of India.
  2. First Indian Bank started with Indian capital /indigenous Bank of India: Punjab National Bank.
  3. First Multi-currency international Debit Cards are issued in India by: SBI.
  4. The first bank to introduce credit card in India: Central Bank of India.
  5. First Financial Archive in India has been set up at – Kolkata.
  6. The first RRB named Prathama Grameen Bank was started by Syndicate Bank.
  7. First Bank to introduce ATM in India: HSBC in1987, Mumbai.
  8. First Bank in India to launch EMI facility on debit cards: ICICI Bank.
  9. First Indian Private Bank to set up a branch in China: AXIS Bank.
  10. First Foreign Bank in India: HSBC.
  11. First Universal Bank in India: ICICI.



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